Racing at CYC — Getting Started

CYC offers Class and Handicap racing from June to October. Races are open to keelboats helmed by CYC members. Membership application forms can be found here.

We are super excited to start racing for the 2021 Season when the province allows competitions in Phase 3 of Nova Scotia’s Reopening 5-Phase Plan. Phase 3 expected to begin on June 30.
Our first racing day hopefully will be Canada Day, Thursday, July 1st!  Great way to celebrate Canada Day.
Links to 2021 Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race are on this page.

Important: Prior to participating in the CYC racing program, each skipper is required to complete two forms and return by email to

1 – Boat Registration Race Form

2 – Sail NS-CYC Racing Release Waiver

* Remember to submit copy of your Proof of Insurance as well

* For every race, CYC Skipper must email a complete list of participating crew sailing on your boat for that race to Email to be received ½ hour before race start.

1. PHRF-NS Handicap

Boats racing in handicap fleets must have a current PHRF-NS handicap from Sail Nova Scotia.

  1. If you do not have a valid Sail NS handicap you can obtain one by filling out and submitting this online form.
  2. If you have a Sail NS handicap you must review it and ensure all the information on which it is based is accurate and up to date. You can search for your boat by name here.
  3. If the information needs to be updated you can do so here.
2. Registration Form, CYC & Sail NS Release of Liability Form, Crew List  and Proof of Insurance

Boat owners must submit a registration form, CYC & Sail NS Release of Liability Form, Crew list of crew members you will be racing with, and Proof of $1M liability insurance to CYC before racing.

These can be emailed to or dropped off at the bar.

3. Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.

Review the NOR and SI for information on starting, finishing, courses, fleet splits, and other club rules and procedures.

Keep an eye on the Official Notice Board for updates and special courses.

4. Schedule of Races

For dates and start times consult the Racing Schedule.

5. Check-in

Racers must approach the signal boat before each race and verbally advise the race officer of the following:

  • boat name
  • sail number
  • number of persons aboard and, if applicable,
  • which fleet and whether racing spin or non-spin

VHF check-in is not permitted.

6. Scoring

Official race results will be posted on the notice boards on the deck at the southwest corner of CYC. Provisional results can be found online here.

7. Questions?

CYC Race officers can be reached at

Official Notice Board