Club Trophies

Club Trophies

Vice Commodore’s Cup,
Chester Yacht Club’s oldest trophy.

We are pleased to present our silverware for your perusal! Our club boasts a repertoire of 66 trophies and awards. Today, 57 trophies are raced for in monthly series racing, one-off races and Chester Race Week, and two awards are for outstanding volunteers; the remainder have been retired or await re-deeding. Rather impressive for a short racing span in the calendar year.

Most of these charming trophies were donated by Chester’s founding families and their heirs who continue to be Club members. Chester Yacht Club’s oldest known trophy, Vice Commodore’s Cup, dated 1901, has been retired along with the old brass starting canon and both are on prominent display in the Club. Many years ago, sailors won some trophies outright. Today they remain at the Club, engraved each year with the proud winner’s name.

Our small club has a colourful racing heritage and this history continues in today’s modern style racing. Many of our junior and future keelboat skippers also lay claim to the old trophies.

We are proud to be the guardians of these historical trophies and thank our predecessors for their support and knowledge.

Sue McAlpine – Flag Officer for Trophies

Chester Yacht Club’s oldest trophy,
Vice Commodore’s Cup.

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