CYC Racing 2024

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Registration Process for 2024

Starting this year, we will be using the Clubspot web application for race management. This will change the process of registration, notices and results.

Please be patient with the new process — there may be knocks.

If you have questions, the Race Organizers Slack channel is the best place to get help.

Getting Started

Step 1

Though not required, it’s best to sign up for a Clubspot account.  This free account will allow you to save details about your boat and crew to minimize data entry for multiple fleets.

Sign up for Clubspot here.

Step 2

Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to register for your fleet regattas. Each fleet you race in will require you to repeat the registration steps.

For example: If you race a Bluenose in the one-design fleet, occasionally do PHRF, and also join the pursuit races, like the Turkey Bowl, you will need to register for the Bluenose, Pursuit Races, AND Free For All fleets separately.

You will need:

  • Proof of insurance as a PDF or image file.
  • Your PHRF rating certificate from Sail Nova Scotia if you’ll be racing in a handicap fleet.

See fleet links below ▼

If you do not have a valid Sail Nova Scotia handicap, you can obtain one by filling out and submitting this online form.

If you have a Sail Nova Scotia handicap, you must review it to ensure all the information it is based on is accurate and current.

If the information needs to be updated, you can do so here.

Step 3

Once registered for a fleet, a Disclaimer of Liability will be emailed to you. A Disclaimer of Liability must be digitally signed for each fleet you’ve registered for to complete the process. (First time, you will have to hit new participant)

Communications Channel for 2024


Slack  channel for all CYC Fleets.