PORTSMOUTH event – Saturday, June 25

kimmyjThis Week at CYC

Portsmouth is the best way to engage sailors who do not usually compete, do not have a large keelboat or have a boat that does not typical fit the stereotype. This event format creates a more inclusive opportunity to get ALL boats and ALL sailors to participate together in an event on the water. Portsmouth was at first used primarily for smaller keelboats and dinghies but the formula is now widely used for all types of boats. Many local yachts clubs are adopting this format and the CYC Race Management team believes it is worth offering to our members in Chester.

For example, Bluenoses, J44s, C&C 41s, IODs, J24s , J29s, 420s, Optis and skiffs (etc, etc, etc) on the same race course. Also, this presents another great opportunity to introduce and mix the juniors into fleet racing.

This will be a joint effort between sail training fleet and handicap fleet. The purpose is to engage as many participants as possible from across the entire CYC membership, including those that primarily enjoy cruising. CYC Sail Training has a list of highly successful international competitive sailors that will join in on this Portsmouth event, giving club members the opportunity to sail against Olympian’s and world champs. Remember, this event is all about participating and giving our membership and opportunity to have a fun afternoon. Anything beyond that is a bonus. So get that bottom painted, bend on the main and get ready for some fun on June 25th.

Portsmouth – WiKi