Notice from CYC Nominating Committee

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Dear Members of Chester Yacht Club,

Your Nominating Committee is pleased to announce our slate of nominees for the Executive Officers and members of the Long Range Planning Committee.

CYC Executive: Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and Treasurer are re-offering for next year. 

Executive Committee:

      Commodore                     David Creighton

      Vice Commodore            Jennifer Chandler

      Rear Commodore           Sean Pearce

      Treasurer                         Lara Parsons, CPA CA

Long Range Planning Committee:

LRPC Members completing Two Year Terms (your vote not required)

Sara Filbee and Art Backman are on 3rd year served (4 years maximum)

LRPC members who will be entering 2nd year of Two Year Terms (vote not required):

Reg Goodday

Malcolm Fraser

Ross Romney

Janice Anderson has served 2 years and is nominated for another 2-year term to be voted on at the 2020 AGM

This will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Please join us in expressing appreciation of these members who have volunteered to accept the responsibilities of running CYC and steering its long range direction.


Stephen Flinn, (Chair Nominating Committee), Gillian Reid, Barbara Grigsby