Message from CYC Sailing Committee – May 25, 2019

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Message from the CYC Sailing Committee

Crane and Moorings

The CYC crane has passed inspection and is now available for use by members who have paid their crane fees and signed the agreement and waiver. You must book an appointment with Kim before using the crane.
Mooring field maintenance is complete and club moorings are ready for use by members who have rented seasonal moorings.

Racing Schedule

Our first race of 2019 will be Thursday, May 30 at 1830. Consult the Racing Schedule at  for dates and times of other races. If you print a .pdf schedule please be aware that the official online version may be updated from time to time. You must submit your registration form and proof of insurance before racing.

New for 2019:

Handicap boats will now have the option to elect to race with a spinnaker on Thursday Nights. We will still have a FFA start but spinnaker and non spinnaker boats will be scored as separate fleets. Racers cannot combine spinnaker and non-spinnaker results in the same series. As in past years, spinnaker and non-spinnaker boats will be scored together on Saturday A&B and FFA races. For details see the NOR 6.3  and 6.3(a)  and SI 5.5 and 5.5(a)

There is a new registration form which can be downloaded here:

Page two of the new form requires handicap boats to elect spin or non-spin handicap for each race or series.

The form requires handicap racers to review and update their handicap info on Sail Nova Scotia’s new List of Yachts before racing:

Before submitting the form you must find and click on your boat name and make sure all your declared info is up to date. If anything needs to be updated you can submit the information here:

Check-in requirements have changed. Racers must approach the Signal boat before each race and verbally advise the race officer of the following: Boat Name, Sail Number, number of persons aboard and if applicable which fleet and whether racing spin or non-spin. VHF check-in is not permitted.  See SI 18.1 for details.

There have also been changes to rules regarding replacement equipment (SI 19), radio, cell phone, and data communications (NOR 12 and SI 21), fleet splits (NOR 3.5), and wharf starts (SI 11.2a)

We hope to have our race marks in and the race mark locations updated when lobster traps come out on June 1. A few inner marks may be placed before the first race on  May 30.Locations will remain largely the same with the exception of Mark  21, Mountain West, which will likely be moved further northwest.

Our race officers will be testing new scoring software called Club2Class.  Should this trial prove successful results will be posted on a new Racing page on the CYC website. In the meantime we anticipate unofficial race results will be available here: Club Overview: Chester Yacht Club  As always, official results will be printed and posted on the notice boards on the deck at the southwest corner of CYC.

Race officers can be contacted at [email protected]

Let’s Go!

With weather finally warming up and our crane back in service we hope you will be launched and rigged in time for our spring races. See you at the start line!

CYC Sailing Committee