Chester Yacht Club – Covid-19 Update

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To all members of the Chester Yacht Club:

The current Covid-19 crisis represents unchartered waters for everyone.  The Executive and Staff at the Chester Yacht continue to monitor this evolving situation and the impact it will have on the summer season ahead. 

The health and safety of all our members and staff is of course the greatest importance.

In light of the uncertainty our current expectation, as a signal to those looking ahead, is that the floats and moorings are to be deployed as usual and preparations are underway for Club races to run as scheduled.  

It is fair; however, to expect other aspects around the club including bar service, BBQs, and other socials to change in accordance to provincial and federal government guidance.

Planning for the summer’s Junior Sailing program and Chester Race Week also continues at this time; although we’re maintaining flexibility on commitments where we can as this is a very dynamic situation.

We will continue to monitor the Covid-19 crisis. Rest assured we will act prudently in the interest of health and safety of everyone as the situation evolves and communicate further updates regularly. 

We will all weather this storm.

On behalf of the Executive and Staff of Chester Yacht Club…

Jennifer Chandler, Vice Commodore