kimmyjThis Week at CYC

To the Members of Chester Yacht Club

Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Monday, August 23, 2021 at 6pm.

The Meeting will be conducted in-person at the clubhouse and virtually on Zoom in order to allow access to a broader range of the membership. Connection details are below. The By-laws specify that members present will be able to vote. Precedent has been set in Nova Scotia, stating that under the current state of emergency, members connecting electronically will be considered “present”.

Please find below the Agenda and the Proxy Voting Form (to be completed if you are not able to join electronically). The Proxy form will also be posted on the Member’s page of the CYC website, along with the year-end 2020 financials.

Yours sincerely,
David Creighton, Commodore


Dear Members of Chester Yacht Club,

Your Nominating Committee is pleased to announce our slate of nominees for the Executive Officers and members of the Long-Range Planning Committee.

Executive Committee:

Pursuant to the By-Laws, Article VII – Election of Officers
#1 Terms are two years beginning October 1
#2 No more than two consecutive terms without a period of four years passing

The following executive are re-offering for 2nd consecutive term:

Commodore                    David Creighton               Vote Required
Rear Commodore           Sean Pearce                    Vote Required
Vice Commodore            Jennifer Chandler            Vote Required

The Nominating Committee would like to thank Lara Parsons for her time and effort as the Secretary-Treasurer. She has reached the term limit.

New Nominee for Secretary Treasurer        TBD       Vote Required

Long Range Planning Committee:

LRPC Members who will be entering 4th year of 4 Years:
Janice Anderson                  NO Vote Required
Paul Dyer                             NO Vote Required

LRPC Members who have served 2 years and are nominated for another 2-year term to be voted on at the 2021 AGM:
Reg Goodday                      Vote Required
Malcolm Fraser                    Vote Required
Ross Romney                      Vote Required

The Nominating Committee would like to thank Sara Filbee for her time and effort sitting on Long Range Planning Committee. She has reached the term limit.

New Nominee to replace Sara Filbee:
Lois Dyer-Mann                   Vote Required

Respectfully Submitted by the 2021 CYC Nominating Committee,
Tim Harris, Past Commodore
Gillian Reid, Past Vice Commodore
Stewart Creaser, Member at Large