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CYC Membership Applicaiton 2014


Introducing the CHESTER YACHT CLUB (CYC) with its century old tradition of Chester Race Week, the largest keelboat regatta in Canada! CYC invites members, prospective members and guests to come together each Summer for the best in racing, sailing lessons, social activities, and boating simply for the fun of it.


Welcome members, new and old, to the Chester Yacht Club (CYC) for another great season!  We look forward to seeing you at the Club this Summer, whether for one of the events, or for day-to-day enjoyment of the clubhouse and perhaps socializing on the lovely veranda overlooking Chester’s front harbour, Mahone Bay and its many islands.  We encourage you to fully participate in the Club and invite you to get involved – the Manager and her staff and the Executive and other Officers are more than happy to orient you to the range of possibilities.

The Chester Yacht Club was first established in 1900 and incorporated in 1902. The club is governed by elected officers, appointed positions and committee groups. Members of the current Executive and Committee Chairs are listed on the CYC Executive and Officers page.

Please feel free to discuss any club matter with the appropriate officer if you have questions about club policies or procedures. In addition to the Annual General Meeting each year, there are other activities scheduled throughout the season, including a meeting in July. There are also a number of social events, and, of course, racing! The Calendar lists all of the events, except Race Week in August which has its own website, print materials, and operates as a separate management group reporting to the CYC Executive. In the meanwhile, the CYC Executive meets year-round to assess the needs of the membership and to manage the club. Ideas for improvement are welcomed through these points of contact anytime – contact information is listed on the website or can be provided by the CYC Manager upon request.


The objectives of the Club shall be to encourage members to:

* Become more proficient in the personal management, maintenance and handling of their boats.

* Exercise proper navigation and seamanship.

* Provide social and instructional activities as may be desirable in the interests of all Club members.

Note: The above has been reproduced verbatim from the Constitution and By Laws. Aug. 30 1995.


* Any Member may sponsor a longer term guest as a “Vacationing Social Member” for a period of two weeks. Fee determined annually by the Executive.

* Member’s dogs are allowed on the Club grounds but not in the Club House. They must be on a leash (the dog that is !).

* All Armed Forces Officers (Foreign or Domestic) visiting Chester will be welcomed to the Club.

* As a Senior Member you may open a personal charge account at the bar.  Please ask Club Manager how to set up your ‘CYC Bar Account’.  Your children or grandchildren may use your account with written permission from you given to the Club Manager.

* Any Member may change the category of their membership to include their significant other or life partner as a member or enrol their whole family for a percentage increase of their base fee.

* Any Member may sign in a guest(s) for a day at the Club. However, that guest is limited to using the sign-in privilege only 3 times in one season.

* Race Week is always scheduled the second full calendar week of August and begins on the Wednesday of that week.

* Skippers are always looking for sailing crew. Don’t be shy, get the skipper’s names from the Race Board and ask around. It’s fun out there!



SENIOR – An individual 19 years of age or over. All club privileges including helmsperson and may attend all meetings.  Includes proprietary rights and one vote.  Senior Members benefits:  receive 50% discount on club rentals; permitted to have a tender at dock; only Senior members can apply for seasonal mooring &/or usage of crane; open Bar Account; may register child or grandchild for Learn To Sail Program on 2nd week of open Registration (April 7, 2014)  (Child will be charged Junior Membership dues)

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