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420 / 420 RACE




All registrations must include three forms; the Registration Form (one per sailor), the Medical, Release, Lunch Form (one per sailor) and the Code of Conduct, Refund Policy Form (one per sailor).  Click on the Registration, Medical, and Conduct Form buttons on the right to print or download the forms.

Payment in full is the ONLY guarantee of placement.

 Important: Please note that submitting forms is not a guarantee of registration.  Registrations will be confirmed by CYC subject to application deadlines, availability of space & confirmation of payment

Please forward your signed forms and payment to CYC Club Manager Kim Johnson:

Chester Yacht Club
P.O. Box 290
Chester NS
B0J 1J0
Phone 902 275 7824 (off season)  May to October Club 902-275-3747
E-mail: [email protected]

WET FEET 1/2 DAY PROGRAM – OPTIMIST (single handed)

Half day program for children 6-10 yrs, under 61kg/135 lbs. No previous sailing experience. Basic and Intermediate Optimist levels taught.


Chester Yacht Club Junior Sailing Opti

Courtesy of Heather McGuire

OPTIMIST (single handed)

For children 10 – 15 yrs, under 61kg / 135 lbs.
Intermediate and Advanced Optimist taught. Some opportunities to attend regattas within Nova Scotia will be available.


OPTIMIST – RACE (single handed)

For children 11 – 15 yrs, under 61kg / 135 lbs.  Prerequisite: Past experience sailing Opti.
Optimist – Race is a racing program for students who are interested in racing.  For athletes who wish to commit to competitive sailing.
Regatta attendance is the focus of this program. The curriculum covers advanced theory and sailing skills, with emphasis on competition, team building, and sailing excellence. Boat handling skills, physical and mental fitness, boat speed techniques, knowledge of rules, racing skills and racing experience will all be covered. Considerable time and financial commitment from parents is required.  Students must provide their own boats. This program ends
when the student is no longer young enough to compete.  Students are in this level for multiple years.  Progress in this program is measured in performance at regattas.

The racing schedule will be worked out with input from athletes and parents for regattas at the provincial and regional level.


ECHO (double handed)

For ages 10-17 yrs, no previous experience. The Echo Dinghy is a tough, extremely stable boat, ideal for the novice sailor. It is simple, light and easy to handle ashore and afloat. The boat can be rigged and ready to sail in minutes, but can feel like a modern high performance sailboat. The ECHO cockpit has ample room for up to four people and the rudder kicks up to allow easy off the beach sailing.

Introduction to boat handling and terminology.
Sailing in light to medium breezes.


420 / 420 RACE (double handed)

Prerequisite: CanSAIL 1 and 2.  Students at this level move to the larger, faster, 2 handed Club 420.
Introduction to advanced handling skills in moderate and heavier breezes. More terminology, boat maintenance, spinnaker use, trapezing, sail theory, boat speed techniques, knowledge of racing rules and skills, with emphasis on the fun of competition, and sailing excellence.



Prerequisite: Intermediate. For athletes who wish to commit to competitive sailing. Regatta attendance is the focus of this program. The curriculum covers advanced theory and sailing skills, with emphasis on competition, team building, and sailing excellence. Boat handling skills,
physical and mental fitness, boat speed techniques, knowledge of rules, racing skills and racing experience will all be covered. NSYA and CYA offer clinics for students who wish to try out for the provincial and national teams. Considerable time and financial commitment from parents is required. Students must provide their own boats. The racing schedule will be worked out with input from athletes and parents for regattas at the provincial, regional and national level. 

A race team can be planned if there is sufficient demand.

Interested Racers for this year should contact the Learn to Sail Manager, Warren Barkhouse at (902) 275 2259  [email protected]



Chartering Boats

Both the Optimist-Race and the Race Team programs require students to bring their own
boats.  If CYC club boats are not in use for the other programs it may be possible to charter for the race teams.

It may also be possible to charter a boat when the regular program is not running, for
example, for weekend regattas.

Chartering is at the discretion of the Learn to Sail Director and Water Opperations Manager based on demand for the boats in the other programs.

If interested, please contact the Club (902) 275 3747 or Learn To Sail Manager Warren Barkhouse at (902)275 2259 [email protected]


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