General CYC Junior Program Safety Rules

The following are general safety rules that are to be followed by everyone in the CYC Junior Sailing program. Junior sailors will be asked to sign a copy of the rules and discipline policy, prior to the start of their session.

  1. No sailors on docks or floats without supervision and a PFD
  2. Life jackets/PFDs must be worn and secured at all times on docks, floats, boats or in the water (by sailors, instructors and coaches)
  3. Closed-toe footwear to be worn at all times
  4. No running
  5. No unsupervised swimming
  6. No jumping off boats (except with the permission of the instructors)
  7. Respect one another – no hitting, pushing, roughhousing
  8. Use respectful language – no swearing, foul, or rude language
  9. No littering on land or water
  10. Stay with the class unless you have permission from an instructor to leave
  11. Sailors must make an effort to sail out and return to docks together/with a buddy
  12.  Prior to drills, all boats must stay within hailing distance of the safety/coach boat
  13. No destruction of Club or private property
  14. No smoking, drugs or alcohol
  15. Watch fingers and feet between boats, docks and moving parts
  16. Club owned boats must be properly returned and put away after use
  17. Sailors must make every effort to avoid collisions

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