Executive & Flag Officers

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CYC Executive, Officers & Committee List for 2018

Commodore Thane      MacDonald  902-275-8877  [email protected]
Rear Commodore Tim Wilde 805-564-2035 [email protected]
Vice Commodore Cynthia O’Connell  902-299-9959 [email protected]
Past Commodore John Curry 902-497-0280 [email protected]
Secretary / Treasurer Lara Parsons, CPA, CA    [email protected]
Club Manager Kim Johnson 902-275-3747 (Seasonal)

902-275-7824 (cell)

[email protected]
Water Operations Supervisor Warren Barkhouse 902-275-2259 [email protected]
Learn to Sail Director/ Junior Sailing  Christine Santimaw 902-401-8239 [email protected] 
Sailing Events  Tim Wilde  805-564-2035  [email protected]
Wharves & Moorings Warren Barkhouse 902-275-2259 [email protected]
Flag Officer – Club Handicapper        OPEN    
Flag Officer – Social Carol Dodds   [email protected]
Flag Officer – Club Trophies Sue McAlpine 902-275-3014  
[email protected]
Chester Classic Fleet Rep John Wurts & Topher Wurts   [email protected] 

[email protected]

Chester Bluenose Fleet Rep Malcolm Fraser     [email protected]
Chester IOD Fleet Rep   Rick Thompson  902-275-2535  
[email protected]
Chester Handicap Fleet Rep  Art Backman    [email protected]
Chair, Regatta Organizing Committee of CYC Patricia  Nelder   [email protected]
Sponsorship Chair, Chester Race Week  Cynthia Spraggs    [email protected]
Long Range Planning Committee Victoria McGregor   902-275-2163  [email protected]
Membership Participation Committee Rita Johnson & Christine Santimaw   [email protected]

[email protected]