CYC’s Closing Weekend – Turkey Bowl & Award Presentations

CYC Members:

This is CYC’s closing week and we end the season with our annual Turkey Bowl Race on Saturday, October 7 

After the race, we will have our complimentary turkey spread for CYC members and guests. 

We will ask all attending to raise a glass of Cheer in memory of B & Sandy Spahr, who donated the Turkey Bowl Trophy in 2004.

Annual Award Presentations @ 1800 of all completed Series for 2017 sailing season will follow Turkey Doo

Skippers, if you are unable to attend please have a representative retrieve your keeper(s). 

Sailing Instructions for Turkey Bowl Race:   Turkey Bowl SI’s 2017


Message from Flag Officer Trophies Sue McAlpine:

In 1902, the Chester Yacht Club was incorporated and on October 7th we celebrate 115 years of sail boat racing filled with traditions, yarns and prestige.  It is a long history, a good history that shall continue on.

There will be 23 trophies presented this season. First place and applicable second and third place keepers will be awarded.  This year the keepers will be engraved with year, name of race and placement. The winners of the G’uvy Cup sponsored by South Shore Marine will have the first 4 placements awarded.

Please make every effort to attend the Awards Ceremony.  If you are unable to attend, have a trusted representative to stand in your stead.

I look forward to seeing you.

Sue McAlpine, Flag Officer/Trophies


CYC this week:

CLUB CLOSED Monday to Thursday this week

Thursday, October 5 (CLUB CLOSED)

Absolute Bloody FINAL Thursday Race     FFA  1800 Start

Finish at ROPE LOFT wharf

Hosted by ROPE LOFT    Thanks Derek & Elaine!


No Club Tender Service

Friday, October 6

Club opens at 1700

LAST Hors d’oeuvres of the Season  1800

Please bring a small plate of your favourite hors d’oeuvre to share with your fellow members for the last Friday evening of the season

No Club Tender Service

Saturday, October 7

Club opens at 1100

TURKEY BOWL        1330 First Start

Turkey Bowl SI’s attached

Turkey Doo     1700

ANNUAL AWARD PRESENTATIONS of completed Series for Season 2017      1800

Club Tender Service 1100 – 1800

News:    Georgia Lewin-LaFrance & Madeline Gillis won the 2017 Fall Cork Regatta in the 420 series in Kingston, Ontario last week.  Antonia Lewin-LaFrance & David Frost came third in the regatta.

Well done Georgia and Antonia!! Congrats! Talented sailors!

Georgia & Madeline also won the Cork International Regatta in August.

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