Chester Classics Weekend – Friday, Aug 11 through Sunday, Aug 13

Chester Classics Weekend – Friday, Aug 11 through Sunday, Aug 13, 2017

Greetings sailors!

The weekend before Chester Race Week is the traditional Chester Classics Weekend and we’re ready to go and with some new format changes!

This year, we’re opening the event to any boat or design more than 25 years old, which is the same definition of “classic” that the car buffs use. Our “A Fleet” will continue to include the historic Universal Rule Boats and IODs and similar designs. However, we will create handicap, one design, and other fleet splits for any other groups of boats launched before 1991. We hope that  folks with older boats or designs who either want low key fun family/club level racing or would like a few “tune up” races for their expert crews for CRW will all enjoy the opportunity to join in the three days of Chester Classics racing!

The Chester Classics Fleet is also introducing a new cup and series awards just for top finishing IODs. There will be prizes for the top IODs sailing in the “A Fleet” scored as a one design fleet within the handicap “A Fleet” (IODs will continue to be scored  as well as part of the handicap group). The new cup, donated by the Chester Classics Fleet, will also be just for IODs and will be known as the “Rick’s Roaring Racing Cup”. The R3 Cup will be awarded to the IOD with the best overall score in the combination   of Classics Weekend and Chester Race Week. The cup is a silver champagne bucket style cup.

We are also adjusting the format of racing to make Chester Classics Weekend more about fun club level and family racing. For serious racers, Chester Race Week is coming soon so please save your “a-game” windward/leeward mode for CRW.

So here are the changes:

Chester Classics RC will now be an all volunteer effort. We have a young man from the RNSYS race management team who has volunteered to help as the primary RO. We’re looking for a few RC volunteers to help him. Since this will be an all volunteer RC, don’t expect CRW level race management. Our PRO is a volunteer but we encourage tipping the young man if you like!

To make logistics simpler, the RC will now be land based on Debbie Winsor’s dock and the start and finish line will be a long line extending from Debbie’s dock to a drop mark pin end float to the East. We may also have an offset mark at the dock end to keep starting boats away from the dock and low water. This line will not be square to the wind. Please don’t expect that.

Courses will primarily be CYC Course Card numbered courses instead of a listed picked series of marks and rounding instructions. This is to make course calling and identifying simpler and straight forward. These courses will obviously not be perfectly square so don’t expect that. Again, there’s plenty of top level courses coming up at CRW.

Racing on Friday will start later in the afternoon; the first signal is set for 15:30. This is for two reasons: a.)  make it easier for working folks to get to the race without having to take the whole day off and b.)  hopefully have finishing boats coming in just before CYC cocktail hour is kicking off to allow for some spectating of the Friday finishes.

Registration will be at the event information meeting graciously being hosted by fleet member Nicola at White Gate Restaurant at noon on Friday. For those who want to register and can’t make that time, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

The Chester Classics Fleet is sponsoring CYC cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres Friday evening and we hope participants will join at the club after racing.

We’re attempting to create a low key, fun, and casual event for boats and designs over 25 years old and a format that’s easy and accessible racing and friendly towards families and less experienced crews. We hope you’ll come out and join the fun!

All detailed information including NoR and SIs are available at

Please reply by email if you plan to join us


John & Topher

Chester Classics Fleet Organizers



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