CYC July 1 – July 7

CYC this week:

 Monday, July 1st


Breakfast of Pancakes with Maple Syrup & Bacon is being cooked & served by your Executive

1000 to 1200 to start your Canada Day

$5.00 & includes drink choice of Caesar or Champagne & OJ

Junior Sailing Session 1 Begins today (July 1 – 12)

 Legion Trophy  A&B   1330 Start

BBQ going from 1200 to 1430

 CYC’s CANADA DAY BBQ starts at 1630ish (reservations only)

Hopefully the weather will cooperate & FIREWORKS will be at nightfall

Manned by Kerry Keddy & friends

Tuesday, July 2nd 


All $$ raised go to Junior Sailing events including Junior Dance on July 31st

 Bluenose Pearre Cup  1 of 4   1830 Start

BBQ will be fired up at 1700

Wednesday, July 3rd

IOD Series 1    1 of 4    1330 Start

July Information Meeting is postponed for a later date in July.

New date will be posted shortly.

Thursday, July 4th 

Huntington Cup  FFA 1 of 4   1830 Start

Bluenose Sanye Cup  1 of 4  1835 Start 

BBQ will be ready at 1700

Come enjoy CYC`s great burgers & watch Thursday night race!

Burger & Brew (or wine)  $6.50   Hot Dog & Brew  $5.50

We have turkey & veggie burgers too.

Thursday Racing Photography:  Heather McGuire Photography

 email june 30 - 2

                         Friday, July 5th

Hors d’oeuvres by Our Health Centre

Thank you OHC!

Hors d’oeuvres start at 1800

Saturday, July 6th 

4th Class Cup  A&B   1 & 2 of 4  1330 Start

BBQ  going from 1200 to 1430

Sunday, July 7th 

Bluenose Gordon Cup 3 & 4 of 4    1330 Start

(3rd Race of RC Discretion)

Upcoming at CYC:

  • Ladies SAVE THIS DATE: Tuesday, July 9th  Little Black Dress NightWatch for Details to come very soon.
  • On The Water Scavenger Hunt, Saturday, July 13th    Fundraising event for Our Health Centre (OHC) sponsored by CYC.  Poster & registration forms are at the club and on CYC’s website.  Watch for email that will include FAQ’s, Registration form & poster.
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